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  • Event security

    Event Security

    We provide Security Personnel who are licensed by the...

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  • Mobile and security dog patrols

    Mobile and Security Dog Patrols

    Our mobile patrols are effective in deterring and detecting crime,

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  • Locksmith services


    Our qualified locksmiths are on call 24 hours a day...

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  • Static guarding

    Static Guarding

    Having a qualified security professional on site...

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Mobile and Security Dog Patrols

Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrols are effective in deterring and detecting crime, monitoring your premises at random times that criminals are unable to predict.

After dark, Fidelis Security’s licensed security officers conduct mobile patrols in liveried vehicles, minimizing the risk of theft or damage at your sites.

Our experienced mobile officers are licensed and vetted by the Security Industry Authority and trained to take immediate and appropriate action to protect your property whatever the situation they face. They are constantly in contact with our control room and can call for assistance at any time.

Real time patrol monitoring

By utilising the latest in NFC technology we are able to provide our clients with real time reports of our officers on their sites from anywhere in the world. This helps them to feel comforted in the knoledge that their site is protected and they are recieving the service level they rightly expect.


Security dogs are a highly effective security system, working as a team with their handlers, enhancing human eyes and ears with their hearing, scenting and movement detection abilities and providing a serious deterrent to criminals.

Fidelis Security is an associate member of the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) whose qualification is the recognized industry standard.

Our dogs and their handlers live together, building up the loyalty, trust and understanding essential to working as a single unit in a live situation. We use a police dog instructor to prepare our dogs and handlers for the NASDU test which they must both pass.

Security dog patrols will protect your vulnerable sites from intruders and theft. They are an effective deterrent against crime and unruly behavior that can occur at certain events or in city-centre environments at after dark.

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